electrical storm

tap. taptap. tap. the world is supposed to be noisy, she knows this. knows it in the way rain patters over the roof and the ocean thirty-seven yards from her bedroom window swishes over the horizon ad infinitum. she understand it, in the way her boots clatter over tile and pavement and linoleum. and she… Continue reading electrical storm


at 2 a.m., there's total stillness. the curtains are drawn, heavy and thick, blocking out all light. in the quiet of the cottage there's no stimuli. no traffic, no sirens rushing by setting the night alight with coloured noise. outside a cicada chirps then falls silent. there's nothing. in the bleak dark of night there's… Continue reading blankness

Over Coffee (17)

If we were having coffee, it'd be a quiet hour over coffee and idly watching the weather. I've sort of run out of things to talk about, since I have a pile of secret things to not discuss until they're more solid. There's not much new to report on the work front, and the other work front… Continue reading Over Coffee (17)

Untold Stories

If I were to find myself in this situation I don't think it would be a case of me using my voice and words to tell people about me. Here's something like how it would go: For the first thirty seconds or so I would hover quietly near the door, assessing the people, the furniture and… Continue reading Untold Stories

Silence of the Night

I'm not sleeping tonight. The air is humid, a heavy reminder of the summer upon us. The fan on the desk makes noise but produces little cooling effects. 2am, the numbers glow. No-one else is awake and it's just a tad lonely. Music will help. The dark room rejects music though. Even on the lowest… Continue reading Silence of the Night

Words Get in the Way

Words stick. She knows the answer, the words are present. She can formulate a sentence - voicing it is the issue. Her throat sort of closes up. She knows it, but she can't say, can't demonstrate that she knows it. Lack of eye contact, she leans into the wall's embrace, hopes that no-one will call… Continue reading Words Get in the Way