Letters to Euturpe: 64

It's been very rainy recently, a fact of which I approve wholeheartedly. Good excuse to keep the heater going and a supply of hot chocolate on hand - only I'm finding that the instant variety really is very dreary. Other than that, I've been doing some Cauldron Anthology work; we're about to close off theme-submissions… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 64

Letters to Euturpe: 63

There was a brilliant thunderstorm today, all heavy-duty rain and flicks of lightning. I was watching the rain and feeling ideas just flip through my brain like when you flip a stack of flashcards. It was awesome, I think it's my best weather. Peak weather. Cauldron Anthology is winding down the second submission period, we… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 63

Letters to Euturpe: 47

I spent some time today on the Auto-Didactic trail. It's quite enjoyable but I think the keyboard's never going to forgive me, and I do find I have to wonder what kind of mischief the folks at Duolingo are up to. There's clearly some shenanigans going on there, but I've yet to work out what.… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 47

Letters to Euturpe: 45

I was listening to the rain, but it's since stopped. I feel cheated, the rain was supposed to clear the air. No matter, I will curl up with a good fanfic (maybe not, turns out there's a wide range of amusing parody-types around) and ruminate on the sad coffee I had earlier. The coffee was a… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 45

Letters to Euturpe: 38

Okay as you may know this blog is in a semi-constant state of change. I'm always thinking up fun new things to keep it interesting. Followers of the Letters challenge may remember how a while ago I switched it from an All Creative Writing Ever thing, to a poetry challenge. I'm a bit selfish like that,… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 38

Letters to Euturpe: 13

I just spent an hour writing a flash fiction and trying to remember the cool wordplay I thought of today. This afternoon, I was happily at lunch and had an idea of two words, kind of a pun, but kind of not. One as opposed to the other. I do not remember those words. It's very… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 13

Flash Fiction July

So tonight I figured I'd get a minor head-start on the scheme I've been planning all week. I mentioned it the other night, but tonight's a good night to discuss it in further detail. You may have noticed that I'm a little bit in love with flash fiction. Normally, I keep it to under 400… Continue reading Flash Fiction July