Word Crush Wednesday: Robert Frost

It's a Wednesday, which means I'm feeling a bit like this quote. You know how some days are just slow going, a bit lazy, a bit of Zeno's motion paradox? It's been like that today, what with the interview-that-wasn't, and so... I don't know. It's midweek and I'm still waiting to hear from two people… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Robert Frost

mistakes i make

this is what i've done. been arrogant and maybe stupid maybe scared, who can tell? signs were there and i ignored them all, too stubborn. here i stand struggling to reach you, do you see? invisible to you and wishing there were something to do. still i try because it's so easy, isn't that sad?… Continue reading mistakes i make

promises made, promises broken

1. we'll talk later. yes, we will but you won't initiate the conversation. i will. 2. we'll spend time together. chance meeting on a bus, yes- deliberately planned meetings? no way. 3. i'll call you. don't spend too long waiting for me to call. it'll never happen, you know. 4. i'm always here. you say… Continue reading promises made, promises broken