2016: A Writing Review

Ah, 2016. I figured I'd run a review of the last year, look at how things have changed with regards to writing and personal-ish things. So my year's key points, as brief as I can keep them: Jobs left: 2. One was, admittedly, the temp-contract-ending kind of deal. I was sorry to leave yesterday. NaNoWriMo: Yes.… Continue reading 2016: A Writing Review

Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

So, this week marks the 'end' of my six-week work assignment. Turns out though, I still have a job next week. Apparently it could become ongoing, so I shall wait and hear. It seems a very open-ended placement, and the people are pleased with how things are working out. This year I've been working more… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

Word Crush Wednesday: Wilma Rudolph

I have dragged myself from my cozy den of blankets. I am exhausted, you guys, just bone-weary, so I'll try to keep this snappy. Last night I heard back about the job for which I jumped through a dozen hoops: I didn't get it, but the woman at the recruitment agency said to me there was… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Wilma Rudolph

Progress, Part 2

If yesterday's job hunt was a slow hike up a rocky mountain in the rain, then today the rain has stopped. It's a breezy day, enough to ruffle clothes hung out to dry, and there's a dim hazy sunlight peering through the clouds. Also, the rockiness has smoothed out into a field-type of area and it's… Continue reading Progress, Part 2

Day 4 Roundup

These will be every four or five days and possibly be accompanied by something of creative work - a double post day, if you will. It is Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. This is tuckedintoacorner, reporting for duty. Current blog posts: Four. Possibly five. I'm scheduling this post for Monday and there might be… Continue reading Day 4 Roundup