power + race + irksome

race against time to create a tempest out of nothing but thin air.   power thrumming through fingertips, chipping away at irksome problems.   hammer at the door energy explodes; glass swirls across the smooth floor.

power, 1.2 (150)

build up a story-tower, weave it into being with words and magic. hold it together with love and hope, chase it up with creation for the sake of it. scrawl across a mirror in lipstick a profession of delight; lift and assemble every piece of masonry yourself. (feel the ache as muscles pull and develop their own… Continue reading power, 1.2 (150)

Power of Suggestion

I don't generally ask for advice, so there isn't really something I wish I'd been told. This, then, becomes the advice I would give anyone in this boat. For the record, this boat I'm in is the age old one of (fairly) recent university graduate, looking for a job because I studied something that wouldn't… Continue reading Power of Suggestion

Oh, Superpowers. Excellent.

Process of elimination from today's prompt sees me picking out my superpower. I wouldn't want to travel through time, because that can get quite complicated and knowing me, I'd be a bit too worried about doing something that would mess up the timeline. I could stop Picasso from painting or the Brontes from writing (the… Continue reading Oh, Superpowers. Excellent.