Letters to Euturpe: 62

Well, you guys. It's time for me to pause on the knit hats, I've decided to make a start on an infinity scarf. I've managed to finish up yet another hat, and decided that I may as well use the loom for a scarf. Seems like a good idea. Another good idea is curling up… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 62

Letters to Euturpe: 59

Quick and easy tonight - I've been knitting another hat and my eyes are beginning to droop. Lucky I don't have stitches to count, otherwise I'd really be climbing the walls. Prompts for the week's challenge are: Distract Road Shoulder

letters to euturpe 57

it's thursday again and i've been delving into a semi-sci-fic book. it was alright, but not the ending i expected. i much prefer the book i'm reading now, though i probably won't review it. thinking i'll resume the link-up for contributions to this challenge. maybe re-change the nature, too, so as to include flash fiction.… Continue reading letters to euturpe 57

letters to euturpe: 55

even the letters have not escaped the poetic treatment. i've a theory: anything may be a poem if you want it to. tonight i was singing to myself while watching the rain and thought about plans. i made new plans, outlining something entirely new. after that, i watched my phone and manipulated a picture for… Continue reading letters to euturpe: 55

Letters to Euturpe: 54

Okay, I've done my brain-training and I've had my toast-and-tea. Next up is Duolingo. I've yet to hear back about that job I interviewed for on Monday, so I guess tomorrow it is. Also, I've somehow taught myself to sing along fairly accurately to a French song though I don't actually speak it, so there's that.… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 54

Letters to Euturpe: 53

My calendar tells me it's Thursday, must be time for some more poetic inspiration. It's also one more day until April, which is strange because wasn't it January just the other day? I'm busily beavering away at a story that's in progress - I'm taking a pile of rags and turning it into silk, or… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 53