Poetry 101 Rehab: Away

you bring me away from myself. you pull me away from the version i don't like - you take away all the things i don't like. you push me or pull me, i can't tell - into all the things i do like. you coax, gentle and ever there. and then you go away leaving… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Away


Thought Scramble

The dreaded freewrite. Time to write. What do I write, what do I say in ten minutes? Exactly ten minutes but who's counting? How do you judge ten minutes on a digital clock anyway, the kind that doesn't show seconds? Argh. One minute down, but I think it's more like thirty seconds. I feel very… Continue reading Thought Scramble

Exam Season

1. Students hunch over Stacks of books, pages of notes and Pray for memory. 2. Old exam papers Look for common themes. Are there Any patterns? Guess. 3. Peering at crisp white Sheets, ink tattoos miniscule Grains, looking too close. 4. Exam room sort of Like a club: exclusive, Costly, requires ID. 5. Supervisor goes… Continue reading Exam Season