An Update, An Announcement

Hello. Been a while. Did you cut your hair? I haven't blogged on here in ages, and you might have noticed posts disappearing from here. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with writing, and crafting, and blogging, and the whole nine yards. I thought, after finally making plans, I'd come… Continue reading An Update, An Announcement


The New Year

So. I'm back from my hiatus - the unannounced self-imposed thing wherein I went silent for an undetermined period of time. It's now 2018. Here are the way things are: I'm waiting to hear back about a job. The process sort of ran away and dragged on over Christmas, and is still running. I'm hopeful to… Continue reading The New Year

Housekeeping, Part 23

Well, it feels like Part 23. It's Sunday evening and I don't have a prompt for haiku that I like, and I've yet to do the Duolingo German practice. It's Sunday, and I'm several weeks out from my birthday, weeks now, so I guess I'm in the right frame of mind for a Let's Question Everything… Continue reading Housekeeping, Part 23

Over Coffee (12)

If we were having coffee, it'd be a good day for a chai latte. It's been just crisp enough to keep chill in the air but not quite so cold as to need all the layers during the day. I'd tell you a bit about the flash fiction I finished writing last night, already gearing… Continue reading Over Coffee (12)

Over Coffee (7)

If we were having coffee, I'd be ordering something strong. Espresso, or maybe Americano. I've had a long week - I worked six consecutive days and it's catching up with me a little bit. On second thought, I'll have the espresso. I tried Americano once and it wasn't great, I really didn't like it. I… Continue reading Over Coffee (7)

Here Be Dragons

I was planning out a cool post for today, but I seem to have lost the train of thought. You'd think after the first year of delving into writing, I would remember to make notes, but I'm still catching up on that habit. I was going to do a lot more with the weekend, but… Continue reading Here Be Dragons

Stellar and Lunar: 18 February

Today, I mentally drafted this post. Didn't quite go so far as to actually write it, but that's no matter. I remembered to make a sticky-note with the idea, so it's all good. That not-plan thing has been coming to pass, so I think that's an appropriate theme for the night. It wasn't technically a plan… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 18 February