poetry 101 rehab: file

creation starts small. one file, first, on an old PC, empty; occupying desktop space. for posterity, she proclaims, and adds to it daily. new jpeg's uploaded, pdf and doc.x abound; calls it immortality in the making. artificial intelligence keeps track when the human variety cannot. words pile up higher and higher, pictures crammed into rows… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: file


Blogging 201: Day 6

Well, you guys, I like to think I'm slightly on top of things today. Slightly, that is. We're to pick a social media outlet: I'm already utilizing two. My top preference for all posts is Twitter, because it's more fun to me than Facebook. I like Twitter because I feel that I can post more on… Continue reading Blogging 201: Day 6

The Muse

I will tell you now, I don't generally do photo challenges. I don't know why - I don't have any special disdain of photos. I suppose it's because I look at things with a writer's eye, not a photographer's eye. When I see something, I find myself composing a description, not a composition. However, I… Continue reading The Muse

Three Photos

A subject with which I am familiar? Alrighty. I studied a lot of things, and read up on more purely because I can. Even so... today, you guys get to imagine with me three photos based on Middle English literature. Chaucer and his mates. So, we start with the past. I imagine this one to be a… Continue reading Three Photos