A Convenience Story

I've been trying to decide on today's post: the traditional Sunday haiku hat-trick, or a photo prompt. Since the photo prompt is now slightly out-of-date, and the haiku set is my usual lark, I decided on both. Last week's photo prompt was numbers, a topic that makes me sad. My maths is very bad. When younger… Continue reading A Convenience Story


NaPoWriMo 2 (phone)

sits silently at the wall it's tethered to, it's soon collecting dust. ----- notes, handwritten, strew around - demanding to be fulfilled, occupied. ----- abandoned to the cause of smartphones; swept aside to create new space.

The Thinker

I hunted out my iPod today. It'd slipped to the bottom of a bag, as it tends to do - it's not even all that tiny to get lost easily. At a guess I'd say it's about the size of an iPhone, not that I am versed in these things. Miraculously, the battery wasn't run-down yet.… Continue reading The Thinker