My Personality, Frozen

Alright, I don't do wacky. I could think of a dozen combinations that are outright weird and hideous, but they wouldn't reflect my personality if they were wrapped up in a tub of ice cream.With that in mind, the combination that reflects my personality goes something like this: one portion of the ice cream is… Continue reading My Personality, Frozen

Hey, Grinchy

Well... Some time ago I posted a poem called Tedium, in which I complained about the tedium of trying to communicate with someone who doesn't try to communicate. This is my least liked quality in others: I put in an effort, and expect others to do the same. I remember last semester when I was… Continue reading Hey, Grinchy

Leaving Traces of Myself

If I look around my room, I see the work of a disorganized person. A jumper hangs over the desk chair, ignorant of the fact that in this corner of the world it's almost summer and therefore I shouldn't have need of a jumper. The dressing table has a candle on it, half-burned down and… Continue reading Leaving Traces of Myself

You Are Not Me, Dammit.

Copycat. I don't know when the variables suddenly became desirable, but all of a sudden you're pouncing on what I've got. It isn't as though I frequently rant about these things, yet now you're embracing them. One would think your life depends upon it. (How do I write?) After much discourse - boring, by the… Continue reading You Are Not Me, Dammit.