the stage stands, cold and bare. tonight there are no decorations, no enraptured audience waiting for the performer who waits in the wings. she stands on tiptoe, eyes on the clock of her smartphone, patient and tentative. she's in jeans and a white t-shirt, as dressed down as she can make herself. this is supposed… Continue reading patience

On Performance Art

Flash Fiction July, 29 Every morning, before my alarm even goes off, I have to decide who I'm going to be for the day. It's my last conscious thought before I reach to draw my alarm closer to my headboard, already ticking my mind over my options. I don't like to repeat an option from… Continue reading On Performance Art

Unravelling Future Ghosts

Flash Fiction July, 25 There's potential here. It's your favourite saying, whether you're staring at a blank canvas or a plain white bedroom, a page in a novel just waiting for fresh new marginalia or sculpting a person into shape. The last is so easy because half the time all it takes is the power of suggestion… Continue reading Unravelling Future Ghosts

Focal Points

Flash Fiction July, 7 I can feel your eyes on me. It's only out of my peripheral vision that I see you, angling myself for a brief glance out the window - the weather is supposed to cave in, and I've been darting nervous glances at the darkening sky all morning. Do you suppose I'm… Continue reading Focal Points

stage fright

on stage: flawless cosmetics and a costume carefully curated. it all needs to make a statement, you know. off stage: fans step in, killing you with kindness. they haven't a harsh word to say, ever. (they seem to be overly in awe) and the litany of compliments picks up. gathers speed, creates a chaotic, swirling… Continue reading stage fright

a curiosity in irony (150)

the world around me glitters, lights flashing and burning in my eyes. my mascara is running, it's too hot for comfort up here. time spins through my fingers, twirling and unfolding as my comrades and i move, interacting and intersecting, breaking into the new world we've created. (breaking in the new world) even amidst a group of… Continue reading a curiosity in irony (150)