Vignette (3)

Note: I spy a lot of things while on the bus. It's a run-of-the-mill Wednesday. Nothing stands out especially clearly: sometimes the bus is packed to capacity, but right now it's not and we're zooming towards the station where people will transfer to trains. In the background, at every stop, I can hear the driver… Continue reading Vignette (3)

Making Plans

"We should do something to commemorate your birthday. It's coming up soon, isn't it?""Well, it is, but you know I'm not big on celebration." She frowns at him, digs her nail into the table and leaves a small scar that blends in with the grainy design of the wood."Eighteen is important. You'll be a legal adult.""Fine.… Continue reading Making Plans

A Walk in the Park

Scene: Paul and Lia are strolling through a park one autumn day. It's a chilly day, and the leaves are falling from trees in the strong gusts of wind. Some distance away an old woman, Ella, knits.LiaGod, it's cold. And the sunglasses don't do anything to protect my eyes from the wind. Feels like a… Continue reading A Walk in the Park

The Stranger

He's in the cafe, ordering a latte. It's a very busy cafe, not surprising considering it's nearly eight a.m., and most of the tables are full. My table is the only one with a single person, and the piles of papers I've stacked around the condiments are effective in warding away others who might beg… Continue reading The Stranger

Planet Penguin

Oh, this is delightful. I have a planet. Well, for a start, the weather will be much the same as on Earth. The thing is, the inhabitants can control the weather to their desire, rendering Planet Penguin seasonless. If you fancy snow at 3am, press the purple button over your bed. If you want sunlight… Continue reading Planet Penguin

Hey, Grinchy

Well... Some time ago I posted a poem called Tedium, in which I complained about the tedium of trying to communicate with someone who doesn't try to communicate. This is my least liked quality in others: I put in an effort, and expect others to do the same. I remember last semester when I was… Continue reading Hey, Grinchy


She drifts throughcorridors and hallways.Other people give her a wide berth as she passes.She doesn't make contact:even the walls areoff-limits.Her distance is validated, solidified.She stares, dead-eyedat anyone who tries to make contact.The pretense of not knowing someone is a most efficient weapon.She hides away inside her head,imagining people and places and scenes thatare anywhere but here.It's a… Continue reading Drifting