flow + tear + oversight

paper spills from the printer, drawn in, flipped over and redone.   more paper flows, snags and jams - tears when trying to yank the pages back out.   oversight: paper trays don't make good hiding spots for untold secrets.

poetry 101 rehab: paper

you should know this: i don't come with a storm warning. don't think i haven't seen you, hunched over papers. i've watched you draft me into being; i've read your writing, smudged your sketches. (stolen pages right from your notebook. how better to stop your conniving?) watch me tear and burn your plans. you dream… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: paper

Textured Memories

It's a fleecy hoodie that I often wear during winter. It's soft and worn-in perfectly, and brings back memories of days bitterly cold: days when I didn't have gloves and had to bury my hands in my jacket pocket to stay warm. An old blanket, in remarkably good condition considering that it's older than I am.… Continue reading Textured Memories

Ode to Stationery

Rows of glossy pens Varying styles - metallic; Shimmery, glittery, Serious black and blue. $2 for a bic, Several hundred for a Montblanc. (Make no effort to suppress Mental rants) Pages, crisp and clean Untouched and unmarked but for the very occasional manufacturing defect. Smooth white decorated with palest pink butterflies - The journal speaks… Continue reading Ode to Stationery