Day 291

Turns out, being on holiday is not doing wonders for this blog. I've been off work three days and already I suspect this is going to slide into a low-scale chaos without balancing against my regular work-hours structure. I did a painting which is fun. Kind of Pollock-esque but less wild. Photo to come (onto Instagram… Continue reading Day 291


Over Coffee (20)

If we were having coffee, you'd first notice the black paint stains on my hands and fingernails. I've begun painting, and have an idea laid out ready to complete once the first layer of paint dries. Right now there's a little canvas, freshly painted black and waiting the next step. Call it a teaching-self thing.… Continue reading Over Coffee (20)


Flash Fiction July, 14 The bag of paint tubes rustles in my hand, a second bag with brushes and primer and varnish rattling on my wrist as I scrabble for the key. I've finally paid off the apartment, and I get to redecorate the entire place to my liking now. It's beautiful, but always been… Continue reading Abstraction


you fancy yourself an artist, painting portraits. go on, paint me - is that meant to be me? look away, i have a knife in my pocket and the canvas hangs at my eye-level. i see how it is. you are angered at how easy it is for me to destroy your perception of me.

And A Dog Named Bob

It's a typical day. That is, my alarm blares awake, siren-like (I still haven't figured out how to make the noise something quieter) and it startles me enough that I half-fall out of bed. Coffee and mail, that's the routine. Some time ago I acquired a travel mug so I wouldn't have to remain undercaffeinated… Continue reading And A Dog Named Bob


She combs on mascara Tilting her head this way and that. Smudge of dark eyeliner, appreciate how Skin seems to pale in contrast. Shimmer of gloss Fuss with hair, tugging, trimming strays Smoothing into place. Add hand-cream, Touch up nail polish. This is morning routine. She blames society, half-heartedly, for seductive Shelves of glossy cosmetics… Continue reading Sculpture