Over Coffee (51)

At least... I think this is number 51. It's been quite a while. Anyway, it's Saturday, and it's getting on for midnight, and I have been oddly busy today. Went out and voted, did chores and shopping, then Etsying. So. Let's have a midnight coffee, I'm sure that won't go wrong in any way. Do… Continue reading Over Coffee (51)


Over Coffee (50)

If we were having coffee, I'd have my hand in a bit of bandage. It's nothing to worry about - I think it's directly proportional to the amount of time I've been spending on loom-knitting, and that the joint of my thumb is suffering a bit for it. On the bright side I know now… Continue reading Over Coffee (50)

Over Coffee: 49

If we were having coffee, I'd be hurriedly tucking away a skein of wool and turning down the German pop music before you get here. I've just taught myself how to make a hat - unfortunately, I picked the wrong loom size and the wrong weight of wool, so now I have an infant-sized hat… Continue reading Over Coffee: 49

over coffee (48)

if we were having coffee i'd suggest we do so at home. it's rained most of the day and i already got one pair of shoes wet. thanks for coming over, by the way. let me just put away this apple crumble and find something to make. what are you in the mood for? i… Continue reading over coffee (48)

over coffee (47)

if we were having coffee i'd be having tea. regular black tea, i think. i've made the discovery that i don't like dilmah green tea. even when i steep it properly it's very bitter. i'd tell you how cauldron anthology has begun to drop its first issue. so far we have posted one poem. there… Continue reading over coffee (47)

over coffee (45)

if we were having coffee, i'd tell you about the story i'm still editing. it's slow going: turned out it had a lot to improve. i'd tell you about the many books i've been tearing through lately. i fancy a pastry, maybe a croissant. also, i've been up to mischief lately. so far it's yet… Continue reading over coffee (45)

Over Coffee (44)

if we were having coffee, i'd first wish you a happy first-of-the-month. it's april now, you see. april is a good month: it's national poetry month which is why i'm thinking in poetry format. i'd tell you about my upcoming job interview and the plan i have for the rest of this month. spoiler alert:… Continue reading Over Coffee (44)