Life by Numbers

Flash Fiction July, 27 She uses statistics to guide her life choices; if she wants to buy a car, look for a new pair of boots or decide where to work she has to first do her research. It became her habit a decade ago, a keen burning interest in educated guesses and piles of research… Continue reading Life by Numbers

A Convenience Story

I've been trying to decide on today's post: the traditional Sunday haiku hat-trick, or a photo prompt. Since the photo prompt is now slightly out-of-date, and the haiku set is my usual lark, I decided on both. Last week's photo prompt was numbers, a topic that makes me sad. My maths is very bad. When younger… Continue reading A Convenience Story

Poetry 101 Rehab: Stack

this pile is years in the making. one: the canvas of exuberance. life hasn't set in yet, it's too soon to think about ruins. bright and dark meld dominated by the former. (the latter is only just appearing) two: the canvas of experience. life is setting in a curtain dropping. another act performed: time for… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Stack

The Eighth Sin

If there were an eighth sin, it'd be deplorable manners.This comes in a variety of forms. For instance, once upon a time I sat down at uni. The setting was this: I'd just had an exam, or a test, or something. The weather was poor so I sat down for lunch. Two seats away a… Continue reading The Eighth Sin

They’re Just Numbers… Aren’t They?

So today I had a letter from the elves at Inland Revenue.I suspected that they were going to ask for money, the better to start chipping away at my loan. Of course, they didn't. As I said to my parents, the actual objective was to terrify me into next week remind me what I owe.And… Continue reading They’re Just Numbers… Aren’t They?