The Countdown Begins

Since the haiku challenge I regularly do on Sundays isn't up this week, I figured now was a good time to take stock of How Things Look. There's a thing called Prep-tober, in which I guess you prep for NaNoWriMo. That begins in six days, and I've just checked its actual description: World building, brainstorming...… Continue reading The Countdown Begins

A Notice

This is just going to be a super-quick announcement, a two-parter. Part one, things around this blog are going back to normal tomorrow. I'm going to be back in the routine, whatever I remember of it, blogging daily and catching up on Writing 101 prompts. Argh, I think I'm about four days behind. This leads… Continue reading A Notice

The Wrimo Is In Residence

I know, I'm completely mucking up anything that ever resembled a blog schedule. To think, I was so pleased with myself when I first created it - all eager plans and mischief. Ha. Not that I mind - well, I suppose I do mind a little bit, but anyway. The past is past. I promise I'll… Continue reading The Wrimo Is In Residence

Day Five

This was supposed to be an interesting post, reporting back to you my various NaNo adventures and the goings-on of the job-finders course. That came to a slow grinding halt at midday, when the slight tension in my throat developed into a soreness. Well done, Mother Nature. You've got a girl who's trying to get to… Continue reading Day Five

November Roundup, December Declarations

So... It's the first of December. Christmas is twenty-four days away and I've heard one song on the radio that sounded like a group of sick cats trying to carol. I don't remember what it was.In November, I successfully posted every day. Sometimes even twice a day. My NaNoWriMo was not so successful. I made it… Continue reading November Roundup, December Declarations