Monday Book Review: Frosted Shadow

Back on the book reviews! Yay. It's occurred to me that if I remained logged in with my Goodreads account and marked every book I've read, I would have a really long list. OK. So, Frosted Shadow. Spoilers ahead. My summary: Toni Diamond is a make-up selling businesswoman, bit of a knack for trouble and a keen eye… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Frosted Shadow

December Plans

It's almost December, you guys. This thought doesn't freak me out as much as I thought it would, so I'm making a bit of a plan regarding my NaNoWriMo. This time, I'm going to spend the next few months working on it. Every year prior to this one, I've written it and then left it… Continue reading December Plans

Absence From Writing

For Day 9 of Writing 101 I've thrown all caution to the wind, chucked the schedule out the window and torn up my imaginary guidelines. I decided to simply do this thing out of order, partially for my own amusement when I come back and have to reassess which ones I haven't done. Also, I… Continue reading Absence From Writing

The Wrimo Is In Residence

I know, I'm completely mucking up anything that ever resembled a blog schedule. To think, I was so pleased with myself when I first created it - all eager plans and mischief. Ha. Not that I mind - well, I suppose I do mind a little bit, but anyway. The past is past. I promise I'll… Continue reading The Wrimo Is In Residence

Word Crush Wednesday: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So today I learned I still have a job next week. Right now it's kind of going week-to-week, and it's very nerve-wracking. My contract began in July as a six-weeker, but it's been almost a full twelve weeks and I'm still there. It's good. I'm aimlessly saving money for a mystery thing, I don't know… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Meandering Mondays

Okay. Alright. I got this. I'm not a nervous blogger. I don't need to pep-talk myself up before I post. I am, however, a person who runs off on tangents. I may have said recently that I was being Sensible and Logical about my novels. I've been planning it out, mapping out who and what… Continue reading Meandering Mondays

Bitten and Stung

Is it me, or does my title look German? Admittedly I've been thinking in German a bit recently, but now I'm hallucinating a cross between the languages. Argh. Also, of course Franz Kafka had opinions about biting, stinging books. I think the last book that bit me, stung me and made me weep was, although I… Continue reading Bitten and Stung

The Writing: An Update

So... A while ago I went a bit nuts, the 50,000 words I wrote in NaNoWriMo kind of mutated. As in, I had five minutes spare and was thinking over of. I thought to myself, "what if". I know this seems perfectly innocent a question, but in my brain it runs off and says, hey… Continue reading The Writing: An Update


So, today is December 17. We're two weeks out from 2015. I think it's time for some goal-spotting. This is in no particular order. Blog goals: to blog daily, and to write more. I don't like staring at the blinky little cursor and thinking "I have nothing to write." I loathe the blank white screen… Continue reading Goal-Spotting

Secrets of a Library

So, today I was browsing the library shelves, as I am wont to do. It's generally a pretty pleasant experience - that is, when there aren't small children treating it as a playground. I grew up on libraries being Quiet Places, where you sit and read and browse. You don't go running and shrieking around.… Continue reading Secrets of a Library