at 2 a.m., there's total stillness. the curtains are drawn, heavy and thick, blocking out all light. in the quiet of the cottage there's no stimuli. no traffic, no sirens rushing by setting the night alight with coloured noise. outside a cicada chirps then falls silent. there's nothing. in the bleak dark of night there's… Continue reading blankness


walking through the night streetlights glow through thin curtains - wind echoes a song. a ghost walks on soft feet, treading by candlelight: wisps of smoke follow. mirror in a dark room - there stands a shadow. she looks like she knows me.


it was years ago that your shadow began to follow me, slow at first and then chasing me with a greater velocity as time moved along. you needed my attention, thrived on devotion and trembled under dismissal. (tried to create weakness; remember you're not the villain of this story) and then you wilted, shadow attached to… Continue reading consumption


bright eyes glow brighter in the soft light of candles. the night is a dream only brought to life by fire and flame, sleep and awakening. (with the flame, the glitter of fire in your eyes you are luminescent) there's starlight in your eyes.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Hiatus

the hiatus is sporadic. i never know when the next one will occur. some nights will be haunted, the days littered with shadows that never leave. (hint: this happens more often than not) your shadow never knows when to leave and i, i never know your name. one day to another you delight in torment… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Hiatus

Poetry 101 Rehab: The Temptress

i chase you. you tempt me summon me driving me mad with your absence. (i don't notice your presence) i chase you further seeking the presence i never notice. (take me with you bring me back) you are flighty, impulsive ruled by mischief. i imagine a sprite toying with lesser humans - or a vindictive… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: The Temptress