typical + sneak + night

typical summer night, densely humid, and still air-con's not enough.   sneak to the kitchen, find a glass of ice water still dripping with cold.   morning dawns, dark and crisp, cold air curling around the bus stop's edges.

spooky + night + fluff

the lightbulb blows out as wind creaks through the window. the night turns purple.   storm clouds gather and the house settles, floorboards creak and groan, still weightless.   a fluff novel on the bedside table; night forms a spooky tableau.


dawn cracks the sky open, bleeding pink and pale red over the horizon. sunlight blasts through every available space, beyond glowing, beyond luminous. light catches on my surroundings, setting everything alight, a harsh glare after the smooth dark of night. below my feet, concrete sparkles; all around me, glass is striking to the eye, confusing… Continue reading luminous


at 2 a.m., there's total stillness. the curtains are drawn, heavy and thick, blocking out all light. in the quiet of the cottage there's no stimuli. no traffic, no sirens rushing by setting the night alight with coloured noise. outside a cicada chirps then falls silent. there's nothing. in the bleak dark of night there's… Continue reading blankness


walking through the night streetlights glow through thin curtains - wind echoes a song. a ghost walks on soft feet, treading by candlelight: wisps of smoke follow. mirror in a dark room - there stands a shadow. she looks like she knows me.