old + new + cusp

teetering on the edge of something new: it's time to make plans, go and get ready. things will happen soon enough; use time wisely.   old artifacts sit behind glass, protected from sunlight and always looking as though they're on the cusp of fading, forgetting.   visitations take place on rainy days only. people don't… Continue reading old + new + cusp

Creation Becomes Chaos

Flash Fiction July, 6 She begins chaos one wintry morning. It's derived from boredom more than anything else, and it's a tribute to how much else she has tried to do and failed, seeking amusement as she always does. It begins not with a bang but with a whimper, a story of someone digging the… Continue reading Creation Becomes Chaos

Of Beginnings

When I first began posting to a blog, there wasn't exactly a specific post I planned to write. My first post was an introduction, which I covered in earlier posts. Before I thought about blogging, I had my writing tucked away for no-one to see. It was quite Dickinson of me, I think - Emily Dickinson… Continue reading Of Beginnings