spring + cold + perfume

the days are getting shorter as spring leaves, letting autumn bring its chill.   pre-dawn is cold and the streets are bare, spotlit by ghostly-absent lights.   the perfume of a wood-fire accompanies me home where hot food waits.

over coffee (48)

if we were having coffee i'd suggest we do so at home. it's rained most of the day and i already got one pair of shoes wet. thanks for coming over, by the way. let me just put away this apple crumble and find something to make. what are you in the mood for? i… Continue reading over coffee (48)

day 115

i'm uninspired tonight. recently i created a new list, tucked into an app i use. i pretend the app keeps me organized but it really doesn't. anyway, the list. i gave it a good title and placed it in its alphabetical spot. then i filled it in with fifteen new ideas for poems. tonight, when… Continue reading day 115

over coffee (46)

if we were having coffee, i'd suggest a quiet cafe. preferably, the kind that has very low background music, not loud noise. this afternoon i was shopping and standing in the queue waiting to pay was a mess of noise. an aural assault, i call it. normally it's manageable, but today it was especially bad.… Continue reading over coffee (46)


i'm sitting at my desk, fingers skittering over the keys in a well-practiced motion. enter, and i should be in. instead, my computer glows thoughtfully, little spinning circle frozen in place. once again, the stress of working has stopped it proceeding. time for tea. i leave to make a fresh cup, and return to find… Continue reading temperamental

season + easter + unravel

summer has shifted into cool autumn, turning chilly and stormy in the blink of an eye, just minutes from steady sunshine.   easter arrives with dull grey clouds and sheeting rain battering the roof. looks like a good day to stay indoors with books and coffee.   thin foil wrappings are unravelled by deft fingers… Continue reading season + easter + unravel

word crush monday: blake

today i spent the day doing new things. i sent many a text message and drank coffee early in the morning. twice i sat upstairs of a double-decker bus and watched the world go by. i made a tiny payment on my loan and thought about working out. in the earliest hours i scribbled an… Continue reading word crush monday: blake