season + easter + unravel

summer has shifted into cool autumn, turning chilly and stormy in the blink of an eye, just minutes from steady sunshine.   easter arrives with dull grey clouds and sheeting rain battering the roof. looks like a good day to stay indoors with books and coffee.   thin foil wrappings are unravelled by deft fingers… Continue reading season + easter + unravel

late + sun + moon

i set my clock by the times at which the sun and moon rise above me.   i rise with the sun when its light breaks in through the curtains, waking me.   at night, i watch for the moon rising, late as it always seems to be.

old + new + cusp

teetering on the edge of something new: it's time to make plans, go and get ready. things will happen soon enough; use time wisely.   old artifacts sit behind glass, protected from sunlight and always looking as though they're on the cusp of fading, forgetting.   visitations take place on rainy days only. people don't… Continue reading old + new + cusp

chagrin + joy + prudent

to my chagrin there's an old email waiting for me, dating back years.   prudent to wait, i think. after this long, it can only end with joy.   write back a reply, slow: edit and reshape then hover over send.