sacred (400)

the runes are laid out, slicing a circle into twelve even pieces on the forest floor. in the centre is lucky thirteen, added on a whim. in the carver's pocket there's a spare twig and a rumpled bit of parchment detailing the meaning of each one. technically it's not breaking any rules. nor is the… Continue reading sacred (400)

Stellar and Lunar: 7 January

It's been another of those sneaky short weeks. My brain has been tricked into thinking it's the weekend now, and it's actually Thursday. Today, I gave into the temptation and began mapping out a new novel, despite having two drafts hanging around the computer and plans to cowrite a third with a friend. Still don't know… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 7 January

Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 9

Hello, everyone! I'm cutting it close tonight - spent too much time downloading eBooks, and I have the niggling feeling I've forgotten to do homework, but here is the week's roundup. (On the plus side, I'm now well versed in the fine art of customer services, and I do believe my training-group goes live on… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 9

the curse

forgetting you is a battle. endless blue of the brightest day never grants a reprieve. paper thin control always, always allows the curse to return. for you are a curse destined to remain trapped here. all these memories are flawless and every exorcism will fail. and a girl remains locked in her forest and body.… Continue reading the curse


A modern-day Icarus, I fly through the night on the wings Of an energy drink. I’m inclined to stay awake Secret reasons keeping my eyes from Closing for a few hours. Icarus is the personification Of the night here. As Icarus flies through the sky On flimsy wings of wax and feathers So too does… Continue reading Temptation