shadow of a record (400)

the ballroom is old, crumbling. the walls are no longer the vibrant blue as pictured in my photo-brochure; the marble floor is scratched from thousands of tourists, footprints disturbing a fine film of dust. in one corner is a gramophone, shoved out of the way of tourist feet. on the far wall is a portrait… Continue reading shadow of a record (400)

a voice (150)

they call me many things. seductress; a lure; creation ancient and modern. most lately, they call me magician. they accuse me of working craft that's incomprehensible, of possessing inanimate objects to animation and sketching out a story. (four-minute stories were my skill long ago, first struggled with, then mastered) and i follow you around, loyal to technology… Continue reading a voice (150)

Saturday Music: Rachel Platten

Today, I'm reviewing Rachel Platten's Fight Song EP. The backstory: I first heard the titular track, Fight Song, on Pretty Little Liars. I was quickly hooked, because at the time I was going through the Job Hunt of 2015. I'm sure you can imagine why such a song would appeal. The EP: First up is Congratulations. It's not at all… Continue reading Saturday Music: Rachel Platten

Saturday Music: The Controversy

I'm the first to admit, I don't speak music. I can tell you about bands just fine, but if you want a technical description of a song, break down instruments and such - I am not your girl. However, I do know what I like. First up - The Controversy. Once upon a time, I… Continue reading Saturday Music: The Controversy

Status of a Not-Resolution

A while back I swore I'd blog daily, and I haven't quite done that. Mainly because the job hunt is creeping along like a creepy thing, only that isn't an apt description after all because creepy is old haunted castles in Gothic literature. Well, at any rate it's getting there. Sneaking - sneaky. Maybe that works,… Continue reading Status of a Not-Resolution

Selectively Snobby

I suppose I'm a culture snob, if such a thing is possible. I care little for cars or beer, as I don't drive or drink beer. Coffee is a thing I love, but to be honest I don't give it a lot of thought. As long as it's hot and tastes good I don't much… Continue reading Selectively Snobby