late + sun + moon

i set my clock by the times at which the sun and moon rise above me.   i rise with the sun when its light breaks in through the curtains, waking me.   at night, i watch for the moon rising, late as it always seems to be.

hunt + moon + urgency

the ground sprawls over hundreds of hectares, tapers into a valley.   the huntress is out tonight, guided by the moon, arrows at her back.   the moon's full now. with urgency, she draws her bow, darts over rough ground.

The Light of the Moon

I love the madness of life. I love it in writing too, but writing is where the madness shines. I've been thinking lately - I'm beginning to find my voice. Here on the blog, in texts, in emails... I think my voice sounds a lot like me, but says the things my real-life self wouldn't say.… Continue reading The Light of the Moon