Monday’s Schemes

So tonight I don't have a book review. I'm wracking my brain for something I can review and my eReader is throwing a tantrum because I have a lot of books and they take up a lot of space. Allegedly. I've also spent the last hour Plotting Things and I suspect I'm beginning to run… Continue reading Monday’s Schemes


Wildcard Monday #28

Okay so tomorrow I start at my new-old job and didn't get it together to organise a proper blog post. Also, I surely have not done 28 of these freewrites on Mondays already, that is just my chaotic nature at work. See, what I like to do when labeling my ideas on my phone's Memo-Pad… Continue reading Wildcard Monday #28

Food and Life

Okay, I'm employing Wildcard Monday again. I'm sure this was supposed to be Etsy Monday, but also it was a public holiday. Threw my schedule out of whack, not to mention the hour I spent writing fan-fiction. So, daily prompt it is. I love food, or at least the consuming thereof. I don't know I'd go so… Continue reading Food and Life

Pausing to Declutter

It's February. Already. After the initial daze of wondering how January got done with so fast, I have stopped to clear my mind and think about everything. You probably know I have a dozen projects ongoing. It's the ambition. Here's the (partial) breakdown: -The collaborative effort. A friend and I are intending a cowritten novel,… Continue reading Pausing to Declutter

Monday, Disguised

Today is Monday. But! I tell a lie. It is not Monday, but Sunday. You see, I worked my first Sunday-shift, and the mind-tricks have begun. I am deeply used to working Monday-Friday. When I arose today, having first woken at 5:03am, I thought "It's Monday." Logically, I knew it was not. Less logically, I… Continue reading Monday, Disguised

Mystery Monday

Today's blog post is a mystery even to me because I don't know what the topic is. I'm still awaiting news on possible work extension, and planning out three new novels for the next year, eighteen months. They will all be utterly different and I may need a psuedonym for one, but who knows. I definitely… Continue reading Mystery Monday

Crafty Monday

I promise, the crafty doesn't mean I'm up to nefarious deeds. It just means I'm making headway on my crochet. On Saturday, I purchased a crochet kit. This kit includes a "sewing needle", so dull you could not injure yourself on it; a poorly-done instructions list and a ball of lovely silver-shimmery purple wool. Oh, and a… Continue reading Crafty Monday