Word Crush Monday: Pearl-McPhee

Okay, it's Monday, and I know it's supposed to be an Off-the-Hook day, but I spent a lot of time actually doing the knitting and far less time doing the photos. I did finish a scarf, almost, I just need to bind off. Just so we're clear, I started on Friday night, ran out of yarn… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Pearl-McPhee

A Day of Miscellanea

Have I updated you guys recently? I feel like I have but also maybe I haven't. Well. As you've probably noticed Flash Fiction July is over now, by several days. It wasn't the maddest challenge I've ever done, but then when you think about combining regular blogging - my Letters challenge, regular poetry contributions... nope, hang on,… Continue reading A Day of Miscellanea

Monday Magics

So... today we were let loose on the phones. It was cool. I got a tricky sort of question right off the bat and spent the morning feeling all woebegone and, you know, curling up in a corner. Well, not quite, but that was the general idea. And then, this is the weird thing, I got… Continue reading Monday Magics

And The Verdict Is…

Just kidding! There's no verdict yet. Quick recap: on Wednesday I sat an exam had a Mega Job Interview and they said I'd maybe have an answer by the end of the week. It is Monday. I do not have an answer. I have been trembly like a rabbit, one who sits exams and then… Continue reading And The Verdict Is…