illumination, 1.1 (150)

the ocean is still, electrified with the sunlight - sublime, it hurts to look at for more than a few seconds. i'm perched on a lookout point, binoculars in hand and sunglasses slipping down my nose so i can watch the forests. from here, the water is beyond sparkling; it's alive, as if it has… Continue reading illumination, 1.1 (150)

ascent (150)

they call morning the worst part of the day. they are the ones who stagger from bed, huddle over flasks of strong dark coffee and shiver in the cool morning air. they are the ones i used to envy, knowing that they complained about the early hour after a full night of sleep while i tossed and turned,… Continue reading ascent (150)

roaming (150)

people rush through streets, all walking at the same clip, the same frenetic pace. these are the ones who hurry by foot to their destination, so hurried they don't trust traffic. others stumble blearily through the day, clumsy from cell-phone use and other people have headphones on, blocking out as much of the world as they can. none of… Continue reading roaming (150)

about a storm (150)

she shook, yanking the ends of her jacket sleeves over her hands and pressing her lips together until they hurt. this kind of storm was unusual, one where she could only watch and wait. so far, she hadn't found a way to make it stop: headphones only muffled so much, and she'd know the appearance… Continue reading about a storm (150)