poetry 101 rehab: deliberation

here, mademoiselle, a row of masks - all designed to your specifications. (one to hide calm; three to hide chaos - four to demonstrate apathy) wait - monsieur - where is the chaos i requested? -my last briefing, at its most detailed had a description of madness. ah, you do not see it - i… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: deliberation

NaPoWriMo 27 (mask)

elastic loose around a wrist; elaborate depiction still in progress. every brushstroke bleeds into another. the depiction hardens, colder now - utterly, heartbreakingly flawless. apply it like a crown - assume nobility, play at ice. (break the mold) destroy the blueprint; this time around we are each other. give me an identity not my own… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 27 (mask)


In winter, she applies makeup to match the weather - thick mascara, dark eyeliner and bold lips.Foundation is smoothed on in an attempt to conceal a winter's complexion, and a pocket mirror is never far from reach. Sometimes, she draws a few disapproving looks when people register how many products are layered on her face. She's… Continue reading Unmasked


She's ditzy. She sits with a blank expression, eyes far away and vacant. It's like she wants to create a new stereotype - dumb brunette. (why should it be restricted to blonde?) She favours pretty, girly stationery - bubblegum pink and baby blue. Her counterparts favour navy and red. (fluffy, insipid) Her nails are always… Continue reading Claws


this is part 2 of 2The third time, sheis keen to just get home.She shoves, very slightly, past himnot imagining the look on his face.She hates the lapse in thoughts.Why she's thinking about himnow, after what happenedlast year - it's beyond her.It's winter. She tells herself this,over and over. The cold is thesole reason she… Continue reading Identified