lecture + romantic + poetry

there is a stack of books, heaped so high as to be a menace. they reach to just below my hip, unless i'm forearmed with thick-soled shoes.   they contain poems, some more romantic than their companions. others cling to the soul, magically bound to the mind, staying on.   i could lecture you on… Continue reading lecture + romantic + poetry

magic + hope + brilliant

glass fused from dust shines with crystalline light in the sun after rainfall.   there's hope for weather to improve, brilliant now the clouds have all passed.   ice frosts the window, a quick magic transporting me to a new world.

vanished (400)

the glass acts as a type of portal, separating ancestress from descendant. it's been passed down over the centuries, held onto for dear life and handed down when the call came. the story is that the first one to live out the myth managed to enchant it in her last mortal act, and now the… Continue reading vanished (400)

Paving the Way

Flash Fiction July, 20 You made magic look easy, did you know that? I'm folded over the pile of gemstones, imbuing each one with different spells as you requested me to do; a list of all that needed doing, and the spells which corresponded. It could almost have been easy, but the magic takes a… Continue reading Paving the Way

elixir (300)

widdershins, came the voice from behind me, somewhere to my right. i stirred, raising my head, murmuring the incantation slower than before. turn to the voice, i could not. i could not look to her, gage a reaction or try to read her expression. she was coaching me, this elixir normally beyond my skills. it had… Continue reading elixir (300)

deceitful alchemist

you told me always: tiny vial of potion, glittering, enticing - too tempting to turn down. too easy (foolish) to reach out, wrap clumsy fingers around thin glass. (the elixir sparkled, burned going down; burned away all your lies about always.)