New Month, New Stuff

It's October, you guys. October which I promptly re-christened as Socktober, because I taught myself to knit socks on the loom - did I tell you guys about this? - and I ordered chunky yarn from my favourite shop with one million and three varieties of yarn and wool. I can knit socks now. There, I've told… Continue reading New Month, New Stuff

Another Interlude

I've been beavering away recently. The Etsy store isn't going to replenish itself, and I sold out one item (although in all fairness it did only have one copy of that particular item). I've been finding loose pages to make book art, and digging back through past stories on here to find things for blackout… Continue reading Another Interlude

Word Crush Monday: Pearl-McPhee

Okay, it's Monday, and I know it's supposed to be an Off-the-Hook day, but I spent a lot of time actually doing the knitting and far less time doing the photos. I did finish a scarf, almost, I just need to bind off. Just so we're clear, I started on Friday night, ran out of yarn… Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Pearl-McPhee

Off the Hook, Round 3

Last week I commented that I was trialling the fewer-posts-per-week thing. Turns out I don't like it, and it's not really working for me. I think I shall resume the daily posts, 7 per week, as usual. I came back into the posts listing and there was just a gap. Three posts last week -… Continue reading Off the Hook, Round 3

Off the Hook, Round 2

Okay. So I'm trialling the thing where I post just four times a week - I'm still in two minds if I like it. Basically I think I'm maybe posting too much, and it's certainly making it easy to skip days here and there. I might return to my Friday poetry this week, though -… Continue reading Off the Hook, Round 2

Over Coffee: 49

If we were having coffee, I'd be hurriedly tucking away a skein of wool and turning down the German pop music before you get here. I've just taught myself how to make a hat - unfortunately, I picked the wrong loom size and the wrong weight of wool, so now I have an infant-sized hat… Continue reading Over Coffee: 49