Word Crush Wednesday: Madame Bovary

I have a lot of time for Madame Bovary, both character and novel. It's by no means the oldest book in my collection (ahem, Shakespeare; I see you there, Chaucer) or the longest (Tolstoy, Thackeray), but it's one of the first I developed affection for on my own. I could write a thousand words on why I… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Madame Bovary

Bitten and Stung

Is it me, or does my title look German? Admittedly I've been thinking in German a bit recently, but now I'm hallucinating a cross between the languages. Argh. Also, of course Franz Kafka had opinions about biting, stinging books. I think the last book that bit me, stung me and made me weep was, although I… Continue reading Bitten and Stung

Literary Rain

Me, a reading dry spell? Good luck with that. You see, I basically read every day. Even if it's just a trashy novel, or a skinny paperback that I won't remember two years from now - I read. You'd probably do better to ask what book I read yesterday (or today, actually, time is plentiful at… Continue reading Literary Rain

Selectively Snobby

I suppose I'm a culture snob, if such a thing is possible. I care little for cars or beer, as I don't drive or drink beer. Coffee is a thing I love, but to be honest I don't give it a lot of thought. As long as it's hot and tastes good I don't much… Continue reading Selectively Snobby

Adored or Admired

Oh no, this is a question I've often asked myself. Widely popular or little known?Actually, I was thinking about this literally a few hours ago, so I guess the Daily Prompt people are telepaths.I don't know that I want to be a paperback writer; I would like my books to be a little more durable. Preferably in… Continue reading Adored or Admired

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Mr FlaubertFirstly, may I say that Madame Bovary is one of my favoured novels. The ending, in particular, is enough to get it a spot on my Top 5 Novels list. (If I had one, which I don't. Not an official one anyway.)However, I have a thread of resentment for you. You see, quite recently I… Continue reading To Whom It May Concern

I Did It My Way

I'm going to tie this in with one of my previous posts. Yesterday I described my love of writing and how I hope to make a career out of it. Working with that, I'd like that to be my legacy. I'd like to be a prolific writer who takes time away from crappy reality TV… Continue reading I Did It My Way

Of Knowing and Not Knowing

"It's just strange, that's all."I put down my coffee cup and stare at her, wondering how best to address this mysterious strangeness. I don't need to - just as I'm drawing breath she starts up again."You can read literature that's like, five hundred years old -""Seven.""What?""Well, Chaucer predates Shakespeare by about two hundred and fifty… Continue reading Of Knowing and Not Knowing

Does Genius Burn, Jo?

So today I get to have a chat with a favourite character from fiction. Have you guessed from the title who my character is? I recently asked the same question of an acquaintance. He didn't know who I meant, and I died a little inside.Seriously.I think there may have been some slightly unhinged guff about how… Continue reading Does Genius Burn, Jo?