literary lion: pool (100)

with a flick, i lowered the flame under the cauldron and wound the rope, bringing it to safe height for bottling. the liquid shimmered silver under the moonlight, a pale effect against the dulled darker silver of the cauldron. drawing a ladle from the branch of the tree and a bag of vials, i measured out… Continue reading literary lion: pool (100)

Study of Living (400)

She paints her lips crimson. This is her favourite part of lipstick, the way the fresh red colour conjures up images of blood and stands out starkly on pale skin, untouched by sunlight. (the colour is her favourite of all, and the best part is the fact that red is the season's newest style. ladies… Continue reading Study of Living (400)

frozen over

for the first fifteen years, she doesn't age. (no one minds) people comment on it, youth and genetics all in one neat parcel. one year, she has a boyfriend who comments on it: young and beautiful and somehow tragic. tale's as old as time, but he doesn't know how it's going to end. no-one does, not… Continue reading frozen over


"decide," you say. you've been on repeat for a while now, coaxing and demanding, sulking and reasoning, imploring and hoping. it's not the kind of decision i make lightly, you know this by now. i'm cautious by nature, endlessly thinking on every step before i take it. it's make-or-break for me and sometimes i think… Continue reading retraction


In winter, she applies makeup to match the weather - thick mascara, dark eyeliner and bold lips.Foundation is smoothed on in an attempt to conceal a winter's complexion, and a pocket mirror is never far from reach. Sometimes, she draws a few disapproving looks when people register how many products are layered on her face. She's… Continue reading Unmasked


it's a mystery. i watch online, videos of people who do extreme sport and fall, body slicing through the air to a safe landing. there's always an after video, a quick shot of someone pumped on adrenaline and grinning madly. sometimes they shake, trembling even as they give thumbs-up. i wonder what it's like. you are… Continue reading fall


response to this challenge. They call it prestige. My friends - though I don't truly call them my friends - and I are handpicked, were selected years ago and cycled into a rotation. Each year we perform exams, swallowing chunky, chalky vitamin supplements to see ourselves through, downing sugar-free energy drinks at night and black coffee… Continue reading Patina