Wishful Thinking

Disclaimer: This post, for Writing 101, is fiction. Promise. Lucy wasn't one for wishful thinking, but right now she found herself wishing for quite a few things: I wish I'd had a more substantial breakfast, was the first on the list. It might have fortified her for such a situation as this, though on second thought it… Continue reading Wishful Thinking

Poetry 101 Rehab: Stack

this pile is years in the making. one: the canvas of exuberance. life hasn't set in yet, it's too soon to think about ruins. bright and dark meld dominated by the former. (the latter is only just appearing) two: the canvas of experience. life is setting in a curtain dropping. another act performed: time for… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Stack

The Curious Mind’s List

This one's an easy one for me: create a list. There's something deeply satisfying, to me, about a list. Carefully constructed, maybe with bullet points, headings and subheadings and a spot of colour-coding. However, all of that is a bit finicky for a sleepy Friday night, so I'm going to list for you subjects and classes… Continue reading The Curious Mind’s List

promises made, promises broken

1. we'll talk later. yes, we will but you won't initiate the conversation. i will. 2. we'll spend time together. chance meeting on a bus, yes- deliberately planned meetings? no way. 3. i'll call you. don't spend too long waiting for me to call. it'll never happen, you know. 4. i'm always here. you say… Continue reading promises made, promises broken