NaPoWriMo 22 (portents)

eyes, drawn into being: predicting, liberating, wise - all-knowing. they're a secret you want to decipher. they're a million stories going untold. lips, sketched from imagination. coax a story that they're reluctant to tell. (watch for the lipstick days. these are the ones when the story means nothing.) dare this prophetess to give you a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 22 (portents)


"decide," you say. you've been on repeat for a while now, coaxing and demanding, sulking and reasoning, imploring and hoping. it's not the kind of decision i make lightly, you know this by now. i'm cautious by nature, endlessly thinking on every step before i take it. it's make-or-break for me and sometimes i think… Continue reading retraction


it's a never ending cycle. the slate is wiped clean. the ocean is the best secret keeper you could find: that's all it knows doing. a path is carved anew. the secret keeper is diligent destroying everything that it meets: that's all i ask for. we tread this path always. at least it feels like… Continue reading inexhaustible

Studying for Fun

The other day I learned about a magical site where you can learn all kinds of stuff online, free. Basically as far as I can tell it's structured like your regular university class, but done with videos and stuff. My perusal of the courses revealed no immediate human evolution, about which I was disappointed, but… Continue reading Studying for Fun

On New Things

I laughed when I read the prompt. I laughed and laughed.Because the question being asked - how long have you got? There's a lot I'd like to learn - patron saint of curiosity here - so let's skim the shortlist, shall we?-Astronomy. I can look at pretty pictures and that's it. Start putting in the science… Continue reading On New Things

Sarah, Patron Saint Of…

I've admitted more than once, I'm a bibliophile. I'm also someone who likes learning. And questions. I question things when I can; when my mind isn't too cluttered. I ask for bookstore gift cards so I can pick out what I like; and if that doesn't work my mum will lovingly find out the exact… Continue reading Sarah, Patron Saint Of…

Of Knowing and Not Knowing

"It's just strange, that's all."I put down my coffee cup and stare at her, wondering how best to address this mysterious strangeness. I don't need to - just as I'm drawing breath she starts up again."You can read literature that's like, five hundred years old -""Seven.""What?""Well, Chaucer predates Shakespeare by about two hundred and fifty… Continue reading Of Knowing and Not Knowing


You don't tell me anything becauseI don't ask.Instead, I create my own knowledge.I fill in the blanks, painting in my own labels and opinions.I blame living inside my head.I pigeonhole you withthe imaginary knowledge I have and wonder -do you do the same?

A Crash-Course in Fashion

Fashion. It's not a thing I understand.This is why, when I read fiction, I find myself taking to Google. I find myself typing in strange, mysterious terms such as 'tea dress' or 'examples of vintage clothing.'For all that I can know about literature - I can tell you about various plays or novels and make… Continue reading A Crash-Course in Fashion