Off the Hook, Round 2

Okay. So I'm trialling the thing where I post just four times a week - I'm still in two minds if I like it. Basically I think I'm maybe posting too much, and it's certainly making it easy to skip days here and there. I might return to my Friday poetry this week, though -… Continue reading Off the Hook, Round 2

Wildcard Friday

This was originally going to be titled "Flash Fiction; or, the Burning Need for a Time Machine". It's Friday and I've spent time today discussing poet hats on Twitter, sleeping late because my team leader declared today a day off, and plotting how to wipe out my student debt faster. I've also uncovered yet more… Continue reading Wildcard Friday

Stellar and Lunar: 25 February

Look at that date. Just take a moment and.. how is it already edging towards February's end? Didn't we just begin the year the other day? I've been having a pretty good week, am securely installed back in my first workplace. I thought I'd kind of just quietly reappear... nope. Warm and fuzzies from the… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: 25 February

Etsy Monday: Rainbow iPod Sock

I like to knit, when I get the time. Admittedly, this is perhaps once per week and also I'm not such a quick knitter that I can finish an item in an evening, much to my chagrin. Or dismay, whichever word you prefer. I like both equally. Thus, I am featuring an older item, one… Continue reading Etsy Monday: Rainbow iPod Sock

Another Freewrite

I find this freewrite very strange. Just spilling random words onto a keyboard. I wonder how much longer it is until this thing finishes... eight minutes, though I spent thirty seconds linking up a pingback. Oh well, no-one will mind. So there's the novel to be working on, and I'm sure I want to do… Continue reading Another Freewrite