Mondays, Applications and Novels, Oh My!

Sorry, Wizard of Oz. It's just been one of those days. Mondays, I should say. I figured I've been heavy-handed on the creatives, so it feels like time for a life update. I've been tapping out my applications, kicked into third gear by a hat-trick of rejections over the weekend. One was after I'd had… Continue reading Mondays, Applications and Novels, Oh My!

Day 33

I think it's Day 33 of the year. Either way, it's now February and jeez, when did that happen? Didn't we just welcome in 2015? I had my job interview thing on Friday, I've inferred that it was a sort of screening thing. I may or may not have a second interview, depending I guess on… Continue reading Day 33

Progress, Of a Sort

Well, you guys, the job applications have been marching on. Or, I don't know about marching, but I've been finding things and applying for them, so... I guess they're sort of limping? Or they're walking up a mountain, but it's a bit rocky and it's rained recently, so it's a bit slow-going. (And I wish it… Continue reading Progress, Of a Sort

The Hunt, Progressing

I just submitted another application. This one is an ideal one. It involves blogging, or at least writing blog articles for money. Work from home, the listing beckons. Write 1500 words.I was trudging along through the various listings, and then I saw this. It lifted my job-seeking spirits, especially the aspect where you write and get paid… Continue reading The Hunt, Progressing