creation of an isolation (300)

lay down your weary head and sleep. tonight is the night that the sleeping draft works its way through your veins, bringing you out of your waking troubles. (tomorrow is the day it will lift, leaving you too foggy to contemplate issues anew) flutter through the days in a haze of consciousness, drifting through meetings on… Continue reading creation of an isolation (300)



everyone's alone.the ghost treads a paththrough a smoky bar.present goes unregistered,eyes passing over her.she sits and watchesfrom a corner.people laugh too loud,smile too wide with too-white teeth.people cluster in pairssaying little.the room is quieter for it,music almost achingly loud.together yet not.


she gets accused of working too's true too.five classes per semester equalsa lot of leaves little free time.they disdain it.she knows this because theymake no attempt to hide it.can't even muster fake interest.he appreciates intelligence.learned latin, he tells herjust because i could.ancient medieval renaissance modern.books.the more knowledge she gainsthe more she wants.catch-22 but… Continue reading disconnected