iron + childhood

smooth out each last crease, diligent, warm-smelling, flash back years: child's "best" clothes. === an exercise in futility: perfect, neat, just for a short time. === boldness, in all its different forms: courage of reinforced metals.

uncapped (150)

we're not free, you know, you spoke lazily, allowing the words to drift around you like smoke before dissolving into the atmosphere, absorbed. i allowed myself to drift through the words, wandering through the air. perhaps if i run my fingers through the air i'd catch them, examine them - set them free again. i… Continue reading uncapped (150)

Snark, Snark, Snark

For the sake of my own fun, I'm going to do a Snark Per Week, like the one I did last week on "Firework'. Was it last week? I can't remember, but it made me relax and have fun and all that good stuff. I apologize for any incorrect lyrics. This is probably a good… Continue reading Snark, Snark, Snark

Snark Away, Or: How Not to Use Repetition

Once upon a time, I heard "Firework" by Katy Perry. It unleashed snark deep within my soul. This is an old piece, polished up, that I wrote a while back, loaded with snark, in honour of today's Daily Prompt. I come in peace. The song starts “do you ever feel like a plastic bag”. Plastic… Continue reading Snark Away, Or: How Not to Use Repetition