A Return

Okay, you guys, I'm back!I was forcibly vacationed from the internet when the wi-fi provider thingy threw a hissy fit and the internet fell over. It broke its leg. And whomever said that being without technology is relaxing... I think they're wrong. For me a lot of technology is relaxing. I enjoy the skimming through blogs… Continue reading A Return


Ah, Luxury

The top luxury that I cannot live without is internet access. A few years ago I was adapting to university and learning about a "wifi" and yes, I did ask a friend about it with the quote marks. I am not terribly brilliant with computers. Anyway, I like being online as much as possible. If I get… Continue reading Ah, Luxury

Facebook – Saint or Scoundrel?

Facebook. It's like a bag of skittles: you might like it, but too much gets annoying and rots your mind. I've been thinking recently of deleting my profile, because on one level it's quite the time drain. Used cleverly on the other hand, it's useful. I see bands on Facebook, ones who might only have… Continue reading Facebook – Saint or Scoundrel?