And A Dog Named Bob

It's a typical day. That is, my alarm blares awake, siren-like (I still haven't figured out how to make the noise something quieter) and it startles me enough that I half-fall out of bed. Coffee and mail, that's the routine. Some time ago I acquired a travel mug so I wouldn't have to remain undercaffeinated… Continue reading And A Dog Named Bob

Ode to Stationery

Rows of glossy pens Varying styles - metallic; Shimmery, glittery, Serious black and blue. $2 for a bic, Several hundred for a Montblanc. (Make no effort to suppress Mental rants) Pages, crisp and clean Untouched and unmarked but for the very occasional manufacturing defect. Smooth white decorated with palest pink butterflies - The journal speaks… Continue reading Ode to Stationery