Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord

Either an explanation or a red herring. She's installed a new roommate hoping to cut down living costs. To the best of my legal knowledge, there was nothing in the lease contract prohibiting this, and it's always good to have the company.  It's been an adventure too, of a sort: living with someone who has… Continue reading Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord


watch as i move into your environment, coax life out of all the elements that are in place, note the patina of confidence that hovers, reflecting in your face and dulling your eyes. i am not by nature a deceitful creature, but supernaturally i am something which creates a mask, wears it so well you can't… Continue reading duplicitous

The Imposter

I'm here, at last. Maybe this is where I'm supposed to be, where I'm going to find my niche. I can't be certain though, because I'm learning the ropes as fast as possible, trying to cram everything in. Do I belong here? I can't be sure. It's easy to look the part, wearing an ID… Continue reading The Imposter