50-Word Story: Sticky

The ice-cream melted under the sunlight, dripping off the end of the cone, painted the ground bright pink. Emily found a bottle of water, a tissue, and cleaned herself up. Vowed to find a washroom as soon as she could. Her hands were sticky; it felt like revisiting her childhood. prompt 'sticky' here.

Something Else Entirely

I'm not quite sure about all this "something else entirely" malarkey, but it seems to be sticking around. Also, I don't know what "flavours" it's encompassing today - ice cream? Lip gloss? Skittles? Perfume? - so I'm going to pretend I'm talking about all of them. I'm also going to use "something else entirely" as the… Continue reading Something Else Entirely

My Personality, Frozen

Alright, I don't do wacky. I could think of a dozen combinations that are outright weird and hideous, but they wouldn't reflect my personality if they were wrapped up in a tub of ice cream.With that in mind, the combination that reflects my personality goes something like this: one portion of the ice cream is… Continue reading My Personality, Frozen

Summer in the City

I've never really given much thought to smells of summer.Still, the prompt implores me to think of some. By the way, I don't have one set smell. It's more the bits and pieces that make up a summer's day or even just summer as a whole.So here's a few of the ones I think of… Continue reading Summer in the City