Passenger of a Faux Landlord

I'm driving, testing out my new car. It drives easily, a welcome change from the constant sputtering and coughing of the last one. The steering is smooth and the windows quick to move when controlled. A flash of blue catches my eye, standing out electrically against the overcast gray sky and white building nearby. The… Continue reading Passenger of a Faux Landlord

The Faux Landlords: The Cafe

It's a clear autumn day, the kind where you can sit in a cafe comfortably for several hours and while away the time.  There's a new cafe that's opened up in my neighbourhood, several weeks after construction and renovations began. This wouldn't be unusual, but what is unusual is the incrementally slow progress of the… Continue reading The Faux Landlords: The Cafe

Word Crush Wednesday: Mark Twain

So this week, in honour of my first week of real-work, I'm bringing to the table a quote about facts. I won't tell you where I work, but I will tell you that there's a high level of accuracy involved. Fact-checking. I quite like it, checking things for accuracy and correcting them where needed is… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Mark Twain

Word Crush Wednesday: Milton Berle

This week's quotes come to you from a quick browse on a quotes website. Normally I'd be all for hunting out a quote, digging one from the earth and all of that, but I'm staring down the barrel of two exams job interviews tomorrow, so I'm cutting some slack. Also, it's two quotes this time,… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Milton Berle

The Search Terms

So I always like to look at the search terms, just as I like to look at spam. Only search terms are more informative, whereas spam can be straight-up entertaining. So yesterday I was clearing out the spam queue (such a satisfying task, and as a bonus it feels like cleaning) when I remembered to… Continue reading The Search Terms

A Truly Terrible Tale

Amanda cracked her gum as she watched James, her favourite minion, put the final touches on her Villain Machine of 2010. Of course, she’d only designed the thing. She was sure she could’ve built it herself, but it was important that she donate the money to others for their labour. Besides, if she had done… Continue reading A Truly Terrible Tale

Of Food and People I Sing

Once upon a time, I came to a thought. People are like food. I don't mean this in the vampire way, or cannibal. I mean you can compare people to the type of food you put on your plate. I was going to think about it according to the four food groups, but I decided… Continue reading Of Food and People I Sing

Of Sunshine and Subway

Sunlight, it's the first thing to be seen. So much sunlight, everywhere. Sunglasses a quick necessity. Seriously, prescription sunglasses are the best. Sliced bread just doesn't compare. Someone could, after all, Simply tear off pieces of bread as needed. Subway. Suitable lunch or dinner So convenient. Selecting food options for maximum delight "Salads?" The server… Continue reading Of Sunshine and Subway

Snark, Snark, Snark

For the sake of my own fun, I'm going to do a Snark Per Week, like the one I did last week on "Firework'. Was it last week? I can't remember, but it made me relax and have fun and all that good stuff. I apologize for any incorrect lyrics. This is probably a good… Continue reading Snark, Snark, Snark

Aw Crap, Not the Forklift

I finished brushing my hair and checked my lipstick. I looked businesslike and professional, an advantage in case the time machine went wrong. It was ready. For months the physics department had been secretly working on a time machine, reluctantly working with an English major in order to test the proficiency of the machine. The… Continue reading Aw Crap, Not the Forklift