Housekeeping, Part 23

Well, it feels like Part 23. It's Sunday evening and I don't have a prompt for haiku that I like, and I've yet to do the Duolingo German practice. It's Sunday, and I'm several weeks out from my birthday, weeks now, so I guess I'm in the right frame of mind for a Let's Question Everything… Continue reading Housekeeping, Part 23

Housekeeping, Part 17

At least it feels like Part 17 that I've done this. I've given it a great deal of thought (read: two minutes) and decided that from now on I might shuffle around my schedule a bit. Swap Friday and Monday, so that on Fridays are the book reviews and Monday is flash fiction. I just… Continue reading Housekeeping, Part 17

Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 6

It does not feel like it's been six weeks since I started this up. A bit of housekeeping: I have decided that this will now be expanded to non-fiction as well. Initially, I started it as a creative writing thing, but from now on you guys can contribute whatever you please, fiction or not. The only… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 6


Alrighty, here we go. It's one hour and 11 minutes until November, and with it NaNoWriMo 2014 kicks off. Admittedly I don't know what my novel will be about, but I know I'm doing a solo effort and the collaborative one with Co-Author, who is planning for midnight. This is to alert you guys now,… Continue reading Housekeeping

Into A Facebook Corner

Hello all! Quick update to let you know, we're now on Facebook. By "we" I mean "this blog has a fanpage on Facebook". I plan to have that be the home for pre-posts and stray thoughts. I'll also be working out how to link it up so these posts feed straight to there. Later I'll… Continue reading Into A Facebook Corner


Hi.So I figured I should alert the people of the blog-world that I'm still alive. I've been forgetting to blog recently: two classes in summer school does that, it seems. Not to mention, I've found myself very sad with The Vampire Diaries of late. I found myself composing blistering rants, and then deciding to not post them.… Continue reading Housekeeping