gravitation (150)

remember you said you would turn the earth on its axis for me? ruin our relationship with gravity, just so i could grasp at the sky and admire the texture of the clouds? i remember the taste of salt, heavy in the air from oceans crashing at my front door and stumbling through forests, funhouse-warped,… Continue reading gravitation (150)


i'm trying to stand here. this should be me, strong and powerful enough to resist. bracing against the waves because i'm not strong quite yet. this should be you, silent and unapproachable to me now. you stand alone now because you have already learned how. but the gravity here, it's not what physics books say.… Continue reading gravity

No More Earth

This one really is tricky. I'm having to read a bit about Mars just to see what's going on.Alright, I'm going to pretend that my loved ones and the other people for whom I care are with me. I think I'd most miss my earthly life. The one where I can use technology and read… Continue reading No More Earth