the apparition (400)

there's a ghost outside my bedroom window. he likes to appear on rainy afternoons, and just after the last dregs of the storm have cleared. by daylight he's a trickster, showing up in the reflection of the mirror before he is gone, disappearing as quick as flicking a switch. sometimes, i think he has been… Continue reading the apparition (400)


We stopped being friends two days ago And now I’m gone Not physically: geographically, I live in the same zip code But mentally, I’m a million miles away I’ve already managed to move on I have a good friend who I consider to be my best friend once again We lost touch years ago and… Continue reading Gone

Only When It Suits

I’m invisible to you now. Communication has dwindled to nothing I try to change this but I can’t. On a bus Three rows to my left I barely recognize you. You text me once, a brief message. I notice your wording. Your words aren’t overly meaningful. I glean a new meaning Or am I just… Continue reading Only When It Suits