Housekeeping, Part 15

Have I run 15 editions of housekeeping already? No, I have my doubts. I think I just threw in that number because it seems as good a number as any. Well, anyway. With January so close around the corner I've been rethinking how to work the blog. I've been a bit too narrowed in on… Continue reading Housekeeping, Part 15

lofty (200)

she ascends a ladder woven from rope, silken promises and steely encouragement. together, under the light, they are luminous - hard to see the rungs, invisible as they are under golden-silver light. the issue is that she is given each rung day by day, and only under certain circumstances. the goals are lofty, and the… Continue reading lofty (200)

NaPoWriMo 24 (borrowed/disappointment)

borrowed confidence: this is what you can do. this is what you were meant to do. (this loan has no expiry date.) take the loan and run with it. run, as far and fast as you can. (don't stop to risk a double-think; don't pause long enough to disappoint your creditor) blind faith is laid… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 24 (borrowed/disappointment)

Getting Ahead of Things

I've decided to use the low-inspiration time as a way to get on top of things. By "things" I mean primarily NaNoWriMo. I know, that's a thing  which happens in November and we are in January, but that's ten months away. I began by planning a fairly mad goal for the month - I won't… Continue reading Getting Ahead of Things

Mischief, Day 2

Not the most clever title, I grant you. Sorry. Today I'm thinking about all the things I'm plotting to get done and the rest of my to-do list. The list includes, but is not limited to: fifteen drafts on here; a canvas for my Etsy store; new items for my Etsy store full stop; work on… Continue reading Mischief, Day 2


So the calendar has been reset and the first day of January is drawing to a close. This would've been a fiction piece, but since it's a long weekend I'm not entirely sure what day it is, and also, I wanted to do a year-recap thing. I wonder if it's a bit late for a 2015… Continue reading Reset