lofty (200)

she ascends a ladder woven from rope, silken promises and steely encouragement. together, under the light, they are luminous - hard to see the rungs, invisible as they are under golden-silver light. the issue is that she is given each rung day by day, and only under certain circumstances. the goals are lofty, and the… Continue reading lofty (200)

NaPoWriMo 24 (borrowed/disappointment)

borrowed confidence: this is what you can do. this is what you were meant to do. (this loan has no expiry date.) take the loan and run with it. run, as far and fast as you can. (don't stop to risk a double-think; don't pause long enough to disappoint your creditor) blind faith is laid… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 24 (borrowed/disappointment)


So the calendar has been reset and the first day of January is drawing to a close. This would've been a fiction piece, but since it's a long weekend I'm not entirely sure what day it is, and also, I wanted to do a year-recap thing. I wonder if it's a bit late for a 2015… Continue reading Reset

December Plans

It's almost December, you guys. This thought doesn't freak me out as much as I thought it would, so I'm making a bit of a plan regarding my NaNoWriMo. This time, I'm going to spend the next few months working on it. Every year prior to this one, I've written it and then left it… Continue reading December Plans

A Life-Changing Blog

I bet you guys can guess what life-changing magic I'd like to attain from blogging. Regular readers, for sure... even those of you who are new here might have an idea. Go on, have a guess.  (I was going to do some clever thing where I revealed the answer at the end of the post… Continue reading A Life-Changing Blog

Blogging 201: Day 1

Hi all! So this is, admittedly, my second post of the day (could in fact have been fourth, but I decided to be sensible and create A Plan) and it's also a bit of a confession: I have done Blogging 201 before. However, I'm not trying to dredge up Ye Olde Bloge Posts. I'm redoing it… Continue reading Blogging 201: Day 1

Status of a Not-Resolution

A while back I swore I'd blog daily, and I haven't quite done that. Mainly because the job hunt is creeping along like a creepy thing, only that isn't an apt description after all because creepy is old haunted castles in Gothic literature. Well, at any rate it's getting there. Sneaking - sneaky. Maybe that works,… Continue reading Status of a Not-Resolution


So, today is December 17. We're two weeks out from 2015. I think it's time for some goal-spotting. This is in no particular order. Blog goals: to blog daily, and to write more. I don't like staring at the blinky little cursor and thinking "I have nothing to write." I loathe the blank white screen… Continue reading Goal-Spotting

Setting Goals

Blogging 201 Assignment: Set Three Goals. I'm not generally much of a goal-setter. Goals feel like promises, and I have a policy about not making promises because they're easy to make and easier to break. Anyway, a while back I came up with a few blog goals. They were very vague, like how on a… Continue reading Setting Goals