the apparition (400)

there's a ghost outside my bedroom window. he likes to appear on rainy afternoons, and just after the last dregs of the storm have cleared. by daylight he's a trickster, showing up in the reflection of the mirror before he is gone, disappearing as quick as flicking a switch. sometimes, i think he has been… Continue reading the apparition (400)


walking through the night streetlights glow through thin curtains - wind echoes a song. a ghost walks on soft feet, treading by candlelight: wisps of smoke follow. mirror in a dark room - there stands a shadow. she looks like she knows me.

roaming (150)

people rush through streets, all walking at the same clip, the same frenetic pace. these are the ones who hurry by foot to their destination, so hurried they don't trust traffic. others stumble blearily through the day, clumsy from cell-phone use and other people have headphones on, blocking out as much of the world as they can. none of… Continue reading roaming (150)

NaPoWriMo 17 (disaster)

after year two, you proclaimed it a disaster. lit a new candle like you expected it to be a baptism. wax melted as the candle burned down, spilling and drying up. disaster, again, and extinguished the flame. girl dressed in ragged white, halo of hair obscuring features; disaster, you called her. (no time to deal… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 17 (disaster)

NaPoWriMo 4 (contrast)

call me the ghost - you, you declare, are the living one. (don't make me watch you stalk through life) and while i drift you paint over me. paint me pale, bloodless, faded as though out of existence. (i'm real too, did you know? i'm real) shade yourself in jewels, tones of vitality and pretend… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 4 (contrast)

Poetry 101 Rehab: Hiatus

the hiatus is sporadic. i never know when the next one will occur. some nights will be haunted, the days littered with shadows that never leave. (hint: this happens more often than not) your shadow never knows when to leave and i, i never know your name. one day to another you delight in torment… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Hiatus

the haunting

you're here even when you're not. tall dark shadow or a somber pale ghost, beckoning me. draw my attention to you entranced, i can't get away. and you're here, there or wait, maybe there or here. either way i remain trapped stuck fast by your scrutiny. and so it goes that sleep should be my… Continue reading the haunting

sporadic phantom

there's you, and then there' always catches me a little off-guard.each duplicate is never quite the same.taller, shorter, different eyes anda misplaced sense of disappointment.i didn't buy a song i likedbecause the singer looked like you.some days i wonder if thisis punishment, karma of a kind.a mall, the university campus,my favourite bookstore - fake-you is virtually inescapable.i wonder… Continue reading sporadic phantom