Word Crush Wednesday: Lauren Bacall

I've done it again. That silly, silly thing where I map out a post, and then don't write it down? That. As a result, I stared at the blinky little cursor wondering what to write. Then I looked on a quotes site. I do that a lot, browse for inspiration. Trouble is I'm easily inspired. … Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Lauren Bacall

Time Machine For Sale

I have issues with the time machine. It goes into the past or the future. Therefore, I don't want either version. You see, if I went into the past I would be tempted to change things. I've read enough science fiction (ahem) to know that you don't want to go causing a butterfly effect across… Continue reading Time Machine For Sale

Pain and Gain

Yes, I do believe this.Story time: I spent many a day in the library, bent over books and curled up in a fairly uncomfortable chair. Here, the physical pain: sore shoulders from a heavy bag, sore eyes from lines of tiny print, cramped hands from writing and highlighting and typing.Physical pain: the tiredness a particularly… Continue reading Pain and Gain

Me and 2016

Today's prompt: write a blog post from the future. It kind of threw me for a loop, I'll not lie. I try to not think a great deal about the future. Anecdotally, here's why: eight years ago, I decided I would be a teacher. I spent about four years on that theme before I realised… Continue reading Me and 2016